UGG Boots & UGG Slippers

Known for producing some of the cosiest footwear on the planet, UGG offer so much more than their iconic slipper-style boots. The famous footwear brand actually have a very broad appeal, much more than UGG UK, creating stylish footwear options with a laid-back country vibe for men, women and children alike who crave comfortable chic. Our collection of UGG UK footwear at Hurleys includes every kind of footwear they have to offer from comfy UGG slippers to stylish mens UGG boots and more, in addition to the Ladies UGGs they first became famous for. 

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UGG Boots & UGG Slippers (48)
Boasting extreme comfort and the brand’s signature designs, UGG are an excellent choice for all the family. Whether you’re looking to lounge comfortably around the home in style or brave the colder months with a pair that are certain to keep your feet warm - we hope you find the style you desire from our extensive UGG UK collection.

Fusing timeless Italian craftsmanship with iconic and innovative designs, UGG UK are celebrated for their use of luxurious sheepskin and bringing the brand to high end fashion. We would advise styling your UGG classics with laid back denim and oversized knitwear & tees for an effortlessly cool vibe. For those more fashion-forward designs, why not introduce yours to seasonal prints and contrasting fabrics and opt for a more edgy style. Don’t forget it is vital you keep your UGG boots looking as good as new all year round.

The celebrated UGG brand originally drew inspiration from one of the best places to surf in the world, in the picturesque seaside town of Byron Bay, Australia. During the 1960’s, surfers down at Byron Bay developed a technique which protected their feet during breaks from surfing. This involved them wrapping their feet in sheepskin – keeping their feet warm and dry. One of the surfers, Brian Smith, developed his idea by making boots made from the exact same material. He then went on to promote his idea at another of the worlds top surf spots, Southern California, in 1978. He chose Southern California as he believed the style of the shoes would fit in perfectly with the relaxed and casual notion of the Golden State.

The UGG brand was a hit and quickly became popular amongst those who followed a relaxed lifestyle. To date the lifestyle brand designs and creates collections for everyone, such as their Womens UGG Boots, Mens UGG Slippers, Girls UGG Boots and Boys UGG Slippers - so ensure you treat your feet to the luxury that is UGG this season. You'll also find a number of items produced from Vibram® UGGpure™ Wool that is made up of repurposed wool into a durable recycled backing.