Crocs Size Guide

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Crocs Adults Size Guide
Tip if you're in between sizes, round up. For wide feet order your normal size.

Heel to Toe Length20cm21cm22cm23cm24cm25cm26cm27cm28cm29cm30cm31cm32cm33cm34cm35cm
UK Men12345678910111213141516
UK Women234567891011121314151617
USM2 | W4M3 | W5M4 | W6M5 | W7M6 | W8M7 | W9M8 | W10M9 | W11M10 | W12M11 | W13M12 | W14M13 | W15M14 | W16M15 | W17M16 | W18M17 | W1

Crocs Kids Size Guide
Tip: If your child is between sizes, round up.
Typical AgeLittle Kids (Under 1)Little Kids (1-2 Years Old)Little Kids (2-5 Years Old)Big Kids (Ages 5+)
Heel to Toe Length9cm9.8cm10.7cm11.5cm12.3cm13.2cm14cm14.9cm15.7cm16.6cm17.4cm18.3cm19.1cm20cm20.8cm21.7cm22.5cm23.3cm24.2cm