Back To School - School Shoes

As children around the UK go back to school in September, it’s that time of year again to make sure they’re all prepared for everything the upcoming school year will bring.

With most schools reopening for the first time in 6 months, it’s important to make sure your child still has comfortable school shoes that fit properly and help protect their feet.

School shoes that rub, hurt and cause blisters can have a huge negative impact on the school day, preventing children from learning and playing like they should.

Today, the experts at Hurleys will be running you through some of the best school shoe options available on our site, as well as explain how school shoes should fit to ensure optimum comfort levels throughout the school day.


Available in a range of school shoes for boys and school shoes for girls, our selection of Kickers provides comfortable and fashionable school shoes that are ideal for work and play. 

Kickers for kids from Hurleys are hard-wearing and look smart, with the option to choose from a selection of different fastening types to ensure the shoes are as comfortable and as easy to wear as possible. Girls Kickers feature a range of beautiful patent leather shoes, all of which offer long-lasting shine that won’t dull after general wear and tear.

With Kickers trainers as well as shoes on offer, Kickers are the perfect choice when it comes to kitting out your child in suitable, durable and comfortable shoes whether they be for PE or everyday school life.

Lelli Kelly

Combining gorgeous girly designs with comfortable and durable footwear, Lelli Kelly shoes are a girls’ favourite, adding subtle touches of glamour to the everyday school shoe.

Our range of Lelli Kelly on sale at Hurleys today offers everything from boots to Lelli Kelly school shoes and Lelli Kelly trainers, providing a versatile selection for different occasions and purposes throughout the school year.

Available in a selection of sizes including E, F and G fits, Lelli Kelly school shoes help protect feet and ensure they’re comfortable by offering fits that keep the foot snug and secure.

Including pretty straps, embroidered patterns and a good amount of glitter, Lelli Kelly shoes offer everything from laced to buckled designs for easy wear.


When you’re looking for stylish and trendy trainers for PE, look no further than our collection of BOSS trainers for boys.

With uppers designed to absorb moisture, regulate heat and let feet breathe, BOSS boys trainers are made to be good for growing feet that need protection. Offering cushioned footbeds and supportive soles, BOSS trainers are lightweight and high quality, fitting perfectly into PE bags and rucksacks.

Mini Melissa

Hurleys’ range of Mini Melissa shoes features a selection of school-suitable shoes, from comfortable Vivienne Westwood slip-ons to those with a butterfly design.

With a cushioned footbed and non-slip sole, Mini Melissa shoes help protect feet while still offering individual style and girly features.

Ensuring a perfect fit and keeping comfortable

When purchasing school shoes, there’s nothing more important than how it fits and what it feels like on the foot.

Any shoes that rub and hurt the foot should be returned and replaced immediately, as foot comfort can heavily impact the school day and could injure feet severely.

It’s important to look for shoes that are snug at the heel and flexible at the front, allowing the toes to move freely but cradling the foot so that it can’t slip and rub. 

There should be around 18mm of growing room between the end of the longest toe and the shoe, and this can be checked by feeling and measuring the distance while the shoe is on the foot.

Different fastening styles are available to help make the shoes comfier and easier to put on, and they should never be fastened too tight so that they dig into the foot, or too slack that the foot can move too freely.

Children’s feet can grow quickly, so it’s vital that you check the shoes every 8 weeks after purchase to see if they still fit and aren’t causing any pain.

Browse our wide range of girls footwear and boys designer shoes today, and discover the perfect school shoes for your child.

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