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What you didn’t know about Dubarry

Take your mind back to 1937 when Dubarry was started in its hometown, Ballinasloe, this is a small town in County Galway.

Why Choose Dubarry

Dubarry offers you a unique experience in footwear. Their boots are created for your comfort and durability. The leather used by Dubarry is specially treated and is able to absorb less moisture than all other leather which allows it to dry in 70% less time! The leather is also perfectly soft and supple and creates the desirable ‘lived-in’ look.

The Boot for you

We sell a collection of the Galway Boot and Country Boots along with accessories and care products. The boots are designed with the inspiration of Irelands West Coast, going from the sea to the country is where the iconic Galway Boot came from.  Both the Galway boot and the Country boots feature the signature leather along with GORE-TEX® technology. Quality is extremely important to Dubarry which is why they use GORE-TEX® technology, they combined their love and respect for nature alongside technical expertise and created the ultimate waterproof and breathable material which is bonded to a lightweight fabric liner which keeps your feet dry in the most extreme conditions.


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